Our Team


NISCON Sor Urja Experts Pvt. Ltd. is an employee-owned company. We are passionate about the work we do and are dedicated to making a positive contribution to our community and planet. The company has an experienced team of engineers, production staff and specialist in installation, commissioning and maintenance of the aids to navigational equipment on-shore and off-shore.

Our team is our backbone therefore we can proudly declare that it is due to our team of highly ambitious and professionals we are able to bring forth for our clients an exclusive range of Lighting Products. These professionals possess deep knowledge, which further enables them to easily meet the exact requirements of our clients effectively.


with the background technology of solar and LEDs, Niscon derives its strengths from the following technological aspects :
Thermal Management of LEDs : Although LEDs (Power LEDs) have a stated life of 60,000 hours, if the heat dissipation is not well managed, it drastically reduces the life. Hence thermal management of LEDs is an area where Niscon has focused to make the product much more reliable and differentiated, We choose the right size, are, orientation and material for heat sinks, as well as design the fixture to ensure proper heat dissipation and consequently high durability of the system.
LED Driver / Controller : Many times Solar/LED system fail, not because of faults of faults is solarpanel or LEDs, but because of faults in the driver. The controller/driver forms the heart of entire system.
The reliability and efficiency of the electronics is the key for overall product reliability. Features like high efficiency, power factor correction, magnetic isolation, modularity of strings,
voltage fluctuation etc. are built-in to make the product much more reliable than any off-the-shelf available controller/driver.
Optics : Optimal use of asymmetrical optics is a very important feature of our streetlights to make them suitable for roadway applications. The light falls in a rectangular fashion (and not circular) to ensure only the road is lit and not areas outside the road, thus making the most efficiency usage of available light.
Aesthetics : The look and feel of the streetlight fitting and the overall aesthetical value is strength of our product design.