Solar Water Pumping System


Solar Submersible Water Pump

Submersible pump is in high demand due to its innovative mechanical design and impeccable quality.

Submersible Pumps are manufactured from the superlative quality raw material using advanced fabrication technology which ensure opyimum performance and excellent quality.
Pump body is made with anti corrosive material with high wear resistance resulting in reduction in running costs and higher efficiency and longevity.

The Pumps can work continously for longer period of time without any trouble.

Higher reliability & best results even under harshconditions make it acceptable to user


Solar Surface Water Pumping System

A solar electric array generates electricity from the sun's light with no moving or wearing ports. A Solar pump is designed to utilize the direct urrent from the array efficiently even as the energy production varies throughout the day.
The Solar water pumping system is a stand alone system operating on power generated using solar PV (Phtovoltaic) Modules.
Niscon comes with intelligent protection control and management on the system, in terms of low voltage, over voltage, over load, short circuit, deficiency of water in well.