Solar Water Heater System

Suitable for domestic(Home) applications available in different capacities.
Superior Quality PUF Insulation.
Stainless Steel Tig Welded Inner Tank.
Pure Polyster Powder Coated Aluminium Outer Cladding.
Three Target Selectively Coated Borosilicate.
Pure Polyster Powder Coated stands & Support.
Indirect heating- Heat exchanger type and preasurised application systems are also available.
Optional Electrical Backup.
Suitable for domestic (Home) applications.
Stainless Steel Tig Welded Inner Tank.
Superior Quality PUF Insulation.
Pure Polyster Powder coated aluminium outer cladding.
Copper to Copper Absorber.
NALSUN-Selective Coated Copper fins for higher efficiency.
Weather Proof Collector Box.
4mm Toughened and tempered Glass Glazing.
Pure Polyster powder coated stands and support.
Available in Vertical and Horizontal Models.
Indirect heating- Heat Exchanger type and pressurized application Systems are als available.
Optional Electrical Backups.