Solar OFF Grid


Niscon – Solar Off – Grid Power Plant


Niscon Offers fully integrated solar PV Systems ranging from 1KW-100KW for off grid applications. Unlike Solar Grid Tie Systems always uses a battery bank as an option to support the loads during power outage or low sunshine hours. Solar Off-grid systems continue to power the loads even when there is a power outage either directly from solar panels or by sharing with energy from the battery. System component include the solar PV Module arrays, Mounting Ware, PV Combiner Box and wiring, Charge Controller, Battery Bank and Inverter. The individual PV components are sized to meet specified AC and DC loads. Mounting configurations include Rooftop or ground mounted solutions. Suitable for residential, Commercial and industrial applications.


Off-Grid PCU offers smart energy management.

Can accept both solar & grid input.

Solar energy directly used during the day.

Ranging from 1KW – 100KW

“Solar-Grid-Battery” or “Solar –Battery-Grid” priority.

IGBT based Technology.

Includes inbuilt MPPT Charger.



Completely Independent of Grid Power.
Solar Energy is the Only Source of Power to charge the battery bank.
Battery Bank will be the only source of energy to power the loads.
Ideal for power requirements at highly remote locations where laying transmission lines are either impossible or expensive.
Can be scaled up to any capacity and number of systems can be interconnected to form a micro Grid Supplying power to villages.


Unlike stand alone Off-Grid system, they have a grid connection point in the PCU which is just used to charge the battery incase the battery has gone below a particular level and solar power is not available to charge the battery.
Also the Grid Connection is used to bypass the inverter to power the load incase of inverter fault.
Ideal for locations that have 50% power cut problems.
Solar-Grid hybrid system helps in optimizing the size of the battery bank and the solar panel array and hence optimization of the cost.



As the name indicates, this is a OFF-Grid hybrid system that will not just use the grid to charge the battery and power the load, but also is capable of interacting with the grid and export the power of the Grid.

The PCU synchronizes with the Grid and also a DG if the Grid is not available.

Ideal for applications where the Solar power can be used for powering the loads as well as export the excess and unused power to the Grid.

Solar Energy generated is first used to power the segregated load, then to charge the battery bank and any excess power will go to power other loads and finally export to the Grid.