Solar Home Light System

3 to 6 hours of operation under STC depending model.
Easy to install and operate.
Highly efficient electronics with PWM Charge regulator.
9W/11W CFL/LED Lamp Equivalent to 60W/75W Bulb Light.
6V Output Plug - (Optional) for tape recorder.
Adequate protections and indications provided.
Provided with Thermal Compensation.
Solar Home Light aims at providing at providing solar electricity for operating lights, DC fan, B/W TV, Tape Recorder etc. for specified hours of operation per day depending upon the model of Solar Home Light. One or more wall mounting type luminaries/fan are fixed indoors at the desired location and provided with ON/OFF Switch.
Applications: Domestic and Commercial Usage, Shops, Hospitals, Farm Houses, Remote un-electrified village lighting, ashrams, forest, hilly areas, NGO's education centers, health centers, schools, laboratories, outposts / check posts etc.