Solar ON Grid


NISCON – Solar Grid Tie Power Plant


Grid-tie systems use solar energy to generate AC utility grade electricity to run appliances in your house or business. In states with net metering laws, any excess electricity your system produces is fed into the utility grid causing your meter to run backwards and lowering your electric Bill. A grid-tie system is quiet and operates automatically. The system ‘Wakes’ up and begins to deliver power as the sun rises and ‘goes to sleep’ as the sun sets. Many home owners and business owners are realizing the benefits of generating their own electricity.


Reduce electric bills increase the value of your building.

Solar modules have up to a 25-year warranty.

Low maintenance systems produce electricity from free sunlight watch your meter spin backwards.

Protect against future rate increases.

Systems typically have a life time of 40+ years.

Reduce the burning of fossil fuels contributing to a healthier environment.

Use utility and state incentives where available to reduce the total cost of the system.



These are systems that continuously synchronizes with the grid and feed the power to the loads inside a factory or office through the main ACDB panel.
These systems are perfect for those industries that have express feeder service 24/7.
Uses Grid Tie Inverters with very high efficiency of 98.5%.
Output of the inverter is connected to low voltage of 230 V or 400 Volts.
Installing a system in your premises will help you reduce your grid power consumption and can also serve additional loads with out getting sanction for expansion of loads.



As the name indicates, this is a system that continuously synchronizes with the grid and dedicatedly exports the power to the grid.

These are utility scale power plants and are normally installed in MW sizes.

Uses Grid Tie Inverters with very high efficiency of 98.5%.

Low voltage from Grid inverters are stepped up using transformers to evacuate the power at grid voltage.

Does not have any storage or battery backup.