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With rising global warming & pollution levels, the world is moving towards harnessing more and more renewable energy resources. Although the technology for converting solor energy, wind and biomass-wastes into electricity has been in existence for a long time, but the associated high costs and large economies of scale required, have made it virtually impossible for common person and smaller organizations to make use of these resources.

Niscon Sor Urja Experts Experts Pvt. Ltd. has leveraged on the recent improvements in solar panel efficiencies, advent of efficient high brightness LEDs, depreciation benefits, the role of carbon credits and government subsidies to make LED and Solar driven systems economically feasible. Niscon is a system integrator in the energy efficient lighting business providing a range of products like Solar Led streetlights, bulbs etc.

Company Overview


Niscon has been founded by people with vast global experience in solar and semiconductor industry. We have worked on solving energy energy crisis problems for some high profile clients and done installations. all over the country. We are also an MNRE Approved Supplier.

NISCON Sor Urja Experts Experts Launched New LED related products for the Customers
Providing High Quality and Standards to meet Customer Requirements.

Our Solar Plant will start shortly, Customer will use this facility.
Very Soon we will launch our new office in Udaipur.